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I was born and bred in Durban, we were lucky as kids that my mother always planned holidays down to Cape Town at least once a year, and of course we would travel by car.

Traveling along the garden route in those days was an experience, as we used to sleep in the car overnight parked off the side of the road under a tree. We would then continue the journey in the morning.  My mother took loads of photos of our trip and the beautiful scenery. We visited most of the sights of interest even those that were not mapped, we still have photographs, slides and negatives of our beautiful country.

Each year we noted and photographed the progress of the Van Staden’s river bridge and all the other activities and changes along the way.

I have always wanted my own camera and was very interested in wanting to do dark room processing. Unfortunately, it was out of my league.  As the years have passed, I have managed to get my own camera and joined a club to help and guide me to be a better photographer.